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1,000 Gallon Criveller Variable Capacity Tank
Date Posted:
Wednesday, November 17th
Richmond, CA
Subject to Change Wine Co
1,000 Gallon Criveller Variable Capacity Jacketed Stainless Steel tank. We purchased this tank used from another winery in 2017. This is a great tank for fermenting reds (easy to dig out into macro 24s bins and dump over the top without a hopper), whites, elevage, racking or bottling.

Made in 2007 this tank has a winch style lid system. The tank features a sloped bottom, a racking door, bottom door (21" wide x 17" tall), a 3" bottom valve (we can sell with a reducer), 2" racking valve as well as a sample/tasting valve.

The tank is 60" diameter x 114" tall. We fabricated a bracket so the boom is removable such that the tank can be transported on a flatbed or deck over standing upright.
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Subject to Change Wine Co
Alexander Pomerantz