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Sonoma Cast Stone Concrete Eggs
Date Posted:
Wednesday, May 12th
Santa Ynez, CA
Crown Point
Egg Shaped Concrete Fermentation Tanks - 1802 Liter / 477 Gallon Capacity

Manufacturer: Sonoma Cast Stone

Purchased New in 2013

Used Exclusively for White Wine Fermentation and White Wine Aging

Color: SunRay #1 (Yellow)

Temperature Control Fluid Coils embedded in the walls of the tanks

Thermowell fitting + Mechanical Thermometer on Front of Tank

Pomace and Manway Doors

Racking Valve Fitting (2" dia) - On Bottom Manway Door

Drain Valve Fitting (2" dia) - On Bottom of Tank

Air Vent Fitting (2" dia) - On Top Manway Door

Adjustable Feet with Seismic Hold Downs (set of 4)

Metal Lifting/Transfer Pallet

Asking 10K each, Purchaser to pay for shipping.
Sonoma Cast Stone Concrete Eggs
Contact Information
Crown Point
Simon Faury