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Hydraulic Basket Press 1500L
Date Posted:
Tuesday, January 12th
Carlton, OR
Chris James Cellars
This is a CEP Sirio 130 (Part HPC-S130X). The press comes with two metal baskets and press pans so that you can be loading/cleaning one basket while pressing another. Cleaning of this press is very fast (e.g., 10 minutes or less). The baskets are loaded outside of the press typically and then loaded in with a fork lift.

I have had really great results with this press; the wine quality is very nice and I don't notice a drop in the quality of the wine from the free run to the finish of the press cycle. We can fit up to 3 tons of fresh fruit destemmed into the press basket (we have made a chute that loads the destemmed fruit directly into the basket). We can load about 4.5 tons worth of red wine into it. The press has a few features that you don't typically see on other basket presses: there is a connection to the basket that will lift up the basket separated from the press pan to remove the cake. It also has a fast and slow hydraulic pump so that that the press head can quickly get to the fruit when first pressing. It also comes with "splash guards" to catch any of the juice/wine shooting out from the basket during pressing.

The press includes manual and automatic press cycles.

Everything on the press works just like it was brand new. We have had it since 2016 so it has seen 4 harvests now.

It uses single phase, 220V power. The press is about 13' tall or so, and maybe 8' wide.

The press is located in Carlton, OR. It can be separated into two parts (the base and the hydraulics) for transport.

More information can be found here:

Please contact me if you're interested or have any questions.

Thanks, Chris
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Chris James Cellars
Christopher Barnes