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2200g Closed Top + Valves + Catwalk
Date Posted:
Wednesday, August 26th
Santa Cruz County, CA
Description: is offering a 2200 gallon closed top tank with optional ladder and catwalk. Contact us at 707-529-2185 or for detailed specs and better photos.

2200 Gallon Closed Top + Catwalk + Valves * Lot SQ1 * $9,200 Top to bottom jacketed red/white fermenter with upper and lower doors, welded stainless legs. Excellent condition. Built by Quality Stainless. Includes 4" valve, 2" valve and optional catwalk/ladder. Located in Santa Cruz County.

Additional tanks and equipment. Visit for more information.

(2) 3000g Closed Tops: Lots WM33 & WM34 * $8,100 each * Two identical jacketed fermenters. 3" drain, 2" racking and additional 2" mixing port. Built by Zero. Located in San Luis Obispo County.

Equipment: Visit for photos.

Vacuum Corker * Lot SQ5 * $1,200 obo * Bertolaso semi-automatic vacuum corker. Clean, works well. Perfect for oversized bottles and tiny lots. Located in Santa Cruz County.

SOLD Diemme Crusher/Destemmer * Lot SQ2 * Diemme Kappa 15 destemmer-crusher. Excellent condition. Winery only processed 30 tons/year. All 304 stainless steel. Variable speed, 230V 3-phase motor. Rated at 8-13 tons/hr. 47" leg extensions let you crush directly into T-Bins. Easy connect hopper, high quality cover included. ~ $23,000 new. Located in Santa Cruz County. SOLD

SOLD SK Membrane Press * Lot SQ3 * $11,200 * SK M-series PSP-8 Membrane Press. 800L (211g) capacity, perfect for small lot winemaking. Well maintained and lightly used by a 30 ton/year winery. Large, sloped hopper for easy loading. Five built-in press programs. All stainless steel contact surfaces. Press and 40 gallon drain pan on wheels. 230V 3-phase. Includes high quality cover. ~ $22,000 new. Located in Santa Cruz County. SOLD

SOLD Plate and Frame Filter (40cm) * Lot SQ4 * $3,800 * Criveller Alpha 40cm. plate and frame filter housing with 40 plates. Well maintained, barely used. Built in 2010. Located in Santa Cruz County. SOLD

Buyers: helps you acquire quality stainless steel tanks and winery processing equipment at a fraction of new tank prices. We also assist with loading and shipping logistics. Use your savings for barrels, a new press, a sorting system, or even a vacation.

Sellers: Let us move your excess wine tank and processing equipment inventory. It's all we do. No cost to you until a sale is made and you've been paid.


SOLD 13,200 Gallons: Lot FB2 * Nearly new tank built in October 2019 by Quality Stainless. Still under warranty. SOLD
SOLD 5 x 3-ton open tops * Lots AR1-AR5 * Well-kept, unjacketed 3-ton open tops. Easy to insert a cooling coil. SOLD
SOLD 3700 gallons: Lot RB5 * 3700 Gallon red/white Westec fermenter with 2 jackets. SOLD
SOLD 2 x 5216 gallons: Lots RB1--RB2 * 5216 jacketed red/white fermenters. Built by CCS (Paso Robles Tank) SOLD
SOLD 6500 gallon, nearly new tank built in October 2019 by Quality Stainless and still under warranty. SOLD
SOLD 2 x 2521 gallon jacketed red/white fermenters with forklift slots. SOLD
SOLD 2 x 1016 gallon closed top jacketed tanks. Perfect for whites. SOLD
2200g Closed Top + Valves + Catwalk 2200g Closed Top + Valves + Catwalk
Contact Information
Andy Starr