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Puleo 45HL Tank Press, Yamada Air Pump, S/S Tanks
Date Posted:
Thursday, March 26th
North Coast, CA
Description: is pleased to offer a Puleo HL45 closed tank membrane press, Yamada NDP-25 air pump and several stainless tanks. Contact for detailed specs and photos, or to arrange an inspection.

Puleo HL45 Closed Tank Membrane Press * $22,900 * Lot HC1 * 30" ground clearance so you can empty directly into bins. Well-maintained with updated control board installed in 2016. Spare parts included. Serviced by Carlsen Assoc. Spare membranes and service available. New model would cost ~ $75,000. Located in Napa County.
Capacity: 45HL
* 3.2-4.4 tons whole cluster whites
* 7-10 tons crushed whites
* 9-14 tons fermented reds

Yamada Air Pump * $2,000 * Lot MC1 * Model NDP-25. 0-30gpm. Well maintained. All stainless steel wine contact surfaces. 1.5" triclover inlet & outlet. Located in Sonoma County.

More tanks on our site

7-8 ton SK Automated punch-down fermenter. Lot MC3 * $12,600 * This tank has a programmable, sanitary hydraulic system to punch down and rotate cap. Provides rapid color extraction without standing over a tank and punching it down 3 times a day. Oversized 22" bottom door for easy emptying, racking door. Always stored indoors. Sturdy, welded S/S legs. Detailed specs @

3211 Gallons: Lot RB3 * $10,700 * 3211 Gallon jacketed red/white fermenter with welded stainless steel legs. Excellent condition. Always kept indoors. Racking and bottom doors, 3" racking & drain ports, 2 thermo wells, sample valve. Built by CCS (Paso Robles Tank) Located in Santa Barbara County.

3700 Gallons: Lot RB5 * $11,600 * 3700 Gallon red/white fermenter with 2 jackets. Excellent condition. Always kept indoors. 19" door, 3" racking port, 4" drain port, thermo well, sample valve. Built by Westec. Price includes stand. Located in Santa Barbara County.

5216 Gallons: Lots RB1--RB2 * $12,900 each * 2 identical 5216 jacketed red/white fermenters, welded stainless steel legs, including a center support leg. Excellent condition. Always kept indoors. 2 doors, 3" racking port, 4" drain port, 2 thermo wells, sample valve. Built by CCS (Paso Robles Tank) Located in Santa Barbara County.

11,200 Gallons: Lot AE1 * $17,000 * Top to bottom jacketed white fermenter. 3 additional 2" ports near base. Stainless steel stand. Upper door only, thermo well, sample valve. .

13,200 Gallons: Lot FB2 * $26,200 * Nearly new tank built in October 2019 by Quality Stainless and still under warranty. Jacketed red/white fermenter with custom mixing port for better agitation. Racking and bottom doors, thermo well, sample valve.

Photos below. Contact us for detailed specs, photos and locations

Buyers: helps you acquire quality stainless steel fermentation and storage tanks at a fraction of new tank prices. We also assist with loading and shipping logistics. Tanks have no moving parts and never wear out. Use your savings for barrels, a new press, a sorting system, or even a vacation.

Sellers: Let us move your excess wine tank inventory. It's all we do. You owe nothing until tanks are sold and you have been paid.

Lot # * Capacity * Description
SOLD * Lot MW1 * 4.5 ton open top * Built in Germany by Rieger. Jacketed with huge 22" bottom door. SOLD
SOLD * Lot CA1-CA7 * 7 x 6200 gallon jacketed, removable lid tanks.
SOLD * Lot SL2 * 750 gallon variable capacity tank with 29" jacket. Welded S/S legs.
SOLD * Lots BW1-2. * Two 1016 gallon closed top jacketed tanks. Perfect for whites.
SOLD * Lot AC1 * 1500 gallons * A dream tank with an integrated heating and cooling system. Santa Rosa Stainless.
Puleo 45HL Tank Press, Yamada Air Pump, S/<wbr>S Tanks Puleo 45HL Tank Press, Yamada Air Pump, S/<wbr>S Tanks
Contact Information
Andy Starr