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Press, Destemmer, Concrete Tanks, Bins & much more
Date Posted:
Tuesday, November 5th
san francisco, CA
Please email for a list with prices and photos.

Destemmer, Lugana 1
Wood Basket Press w/Stainless Steel Press Pan
Forklift, Komatsu Electric Three Wheel with charger
Ozone machine, McClain
Pump, impeller, used
2 Concrete Tank (NuBarrel), 240 gallon
Amphora with metal stand, clay, Italian, 500L
22 Stainless Steel Tanks, variable capacity, sizes from 2800 to 300 liters

Used Barrels:
Puncheons, 400 and 500 liter, 6
French Oak, 60 gallons, 67
Barrel racks, 70
puncheon racks, 3
Kegs, stainless steel: 15 gallon, 25; 5 gallon, 35
Carboys, mostly 5 gallon, 36

Macrobins w/lids, 13
3/4 bin, 1
Picking (40 lb lugs), 4

Empty bottle cases, 215 cases
Pallet jack, 1
20 foot hoses, 4
Lab equipment & chemicals
Race Hand Labeler, 1
Hand Corker, 1
Winery small tools, racking wands, barrel stirrer, various
Wine glasses, 3 racks, 70 glasses
Wine shipping boxes and inserts, various sizes