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Wild Goose Complete Canning Line
Date Posted:
Wednesday, June 12th
Denver, CO
The Infinite Monkey Theorem
Wild Goose Canning 250
•  Manufactured & Purchased New in 2015
•  Four head filler capable of 40 cans per minute
•  Automatic WGC Patented CO2 Purge/Fill Station
•  Automatic WGC Can Lid Placement Station with low lid refill indicators designed for smooth lid dispensing, and intelligent lid detection
•  Automatic WGC Patented Seaming Station achieves superior variable frequency-driven motor for durability and seam consistency
•  Intelligent lid detection system
•  Quick change parts to switch between can sizes. Ability to run 12oz and 16oz cans (with add-ons from WG can run additional can sizes such as 19.2oz, 5.5oz, and slim varities)
•  Intuitive fill-color touchscreen HMI with Wild Goose software
•  Automatic CO2 purge and fill station
•  Reinforced 2? stainless steel frame adds durability for transportation demands of mobile canning
•  Dimensions: 83.5? L x 43? W x 103? H (68? H when lid tube removed)
•  Deck Height: Adjustable 36?-46? with included jack stands
•  Power: Single-phase 8A @ 115VAC, 50/60 Hz (single-phase 200V or three-phase 200V-240V available)
•  Air: Clean, dry compressed air required at 12.2 cfm @ 90 psi; refrigerated air dryer and coalescing air filter rated to 0.10-0.01 micron required

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The Infinite Monkey Theorem
Nicki McTague