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Sorting Rolltec Table by CMA
Date Posted:
Tuesday, May 14th
Calistoga, CA
von Strasser Winery
Looking for a great way to sort your red grapes? I am selling my RollTec sorting table; designed to be an after-crusher, stand alone unit, manufactured by CMA and distributed by Prospero. The functionality is much like the inside of a Pellenc destemmer. This unit sits under your destemmer, and the de-stemmed grapes fall on a stainless slanted distribution shoot which spreads the grapes over the width of the rollers. The colored rollers rotate, rolling the grapes towards the back of the unit. The berries and skins fall through the spaces inbetween the rows of the rollers, while gently moving the stems and jacks down the length of the unit and off the end. The distance between the rows of rollers is adjustable and can be tweaked while the unit is operating, allowing for adjustment during each lot. The free-run juice that drains through the first few rollers is filtered through a stainless trough, removing much of the seeds and MOG. The legs are also adjustable to fit many crusher stands. We bought this unit for the 2017 harvest, but didn't use it much in 2018, so it is fairly new. Wired for 240 3phase power. Available immediately in Calistoga: more images available if interested.
Sorting Rolltec Table by CMA Sorting Rolltec Table by CMA
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von Strasser Winery
Rudy von Strasser