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32hL Oak Pauscha Fermentor/Elevage Tanks
Date Posted:
Monday, April 22nd
Forestville, CA
Looking to sell (2) 32hL oak Klaus Pauscha Fermentors

In 2017 these were imported new directly by us from the Austrian cooperage Klaus Pauscha

We have been able to fit 3.1 tons whole cluster or 3.3 tons destemmed fruit

Following fermentation, they are able to be used for elevage with a Stainless Steel lid that attaches on top and hold roughly 3250 Liters/858 gal

Glycol fins in the back allow for heating and chilling
32hL Oak Pauscha Fermentor/<wbr>Elevage Tanks 32hL Oak Pauscha Fermentor/<wbr>Elevage Tanks