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Membrane Press
Date Posted:
Tuesday, July 10th
Geyserville, CA, CA
Thumbprint Cellars
The press was purchased in 2015 in anticipation of an increased client need from the growing custom crush side of our winery operation. We only rarely used the press in both 2015 and 2016. In 2017, we didn't need the press at all and now have decided to sell it. The press was well maintained when we purchased it and is still well maintained. It was previously owned by Rack and Riddle. We probably only pressed about 8 loads of grapes throughout our entire ownership of this piece of equipment. The membrane has been previously been replaced, is still in good condition, but I do not know the year it was last replaced. With this press we were able to press roughly 4.5 tons whole cluster whites and roughly 9 tons of red grape must.

Call or email for pictures: 707-694-4308

Seller: Thumbprint Cellars, Scott
Equipment Type: Membrane Press
Manufacturer: Defranceschi
Model Number: SP55
Year: 1989
Voltage: 440/480
Last Used: 2016
Last Serviced: 2016
Does it operate?: Yes
General Condition: good

Asking price: $40,000.00 OBO
Contact Information
Thumbprint Cellars