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2000 g. fermentor/champagne/storage tanks 130 psi
Date Posted:
Friday, May 19th
Cortland, NE
Spilker Ales
2000 gallon fermentation/storage/champagne-wine-beer production vertical tanks. THREE tanks available. (2015 gallons capacity ea.), concave bottoms, CIP via a long tube coming up from bottom of tank(cleaned like a big upside down keg), glycol cooled with copper coil cooling jacket on outside of inner shell, cooling coil is covered by armaflex insulation, which in turn is covered by a tin skin on the outside of the tank. Inner tank shell is rated at 130 psi, formerly used for champagne, wine, and beer. 3/8” thick s.s. shell. Can't blow it up, can't implode it...built like a battleship. Valley foundry & machine works was manufacturer(defunct). Outside diameter of 76” and 186”h. Manways 42” from bottom, 3—1.5” TC outlets. These tanks can be used as is for many things or modified slightly to be used for anything. Frequently we would jack up the head pressure to 80 psi to quickly dissolve CO2 into beer. These tanks function fine, we are going out of business.

$3,800 ea. + shipping. Price includes rigging and loading onto trailer on my end. If they ship on a flatbed semi-trailer, typical rates are 2.30-2.60 per loaded mile whether you were to haul one or all three...(all three tanks could share the ride on a flatbed semi-trailer and save on shipping). One tank could be hauled by a flatbed trailer pulled by pickup.

PICTURES of the brite tanks are here...

Removal/rigging on my end is INCLUDED in the price, you only have to pay additional for shipping. Local pickup is preferred, otherwise I would prefer to arrange shipping and can get you a quote promptly. Payment will be made via wire transfer, cashier's check or paypal. I will not "hold" equipment for more than 24 hours unless a payment or deposit is in hand. This Ad will be deleted if sold.

Sam Spilker, owner, ph # 402-798-7445, Spilker Ales, 300 W 4th st, Cortland, NE 68331
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Spilker Ales
sam Spilker
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