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2016-2018 (225L/228L) Used Red Barrels SOLD
Date Posted:
Tuesday, May 11th
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Paso Robles, CA
Jada Vineyard & Winery
Available is a mixture of vintages and formats. All barrels have been pressure washed, steamed, and ozoned. Price differences on barrels of the same vintage and cooperage are usually due to aesthetic appearance, and not due to the quality of the barrel. All of the 2018 barrels are once-used. All barrels are French oak with the exception of some of the Seguin Moreau barrels, which are French/American Oak U-Stave Hybrid barrels. I can provide information on individual barrels, as well as empty dates upon request. Please email with any questions. Thanks!


2 x 2016 De Jarnac $75/each
1 x 2016 Demptos $75/each
2 x 2016 Seguin Moreau U-Stave Hybrid $75/each
2 x 2016 Marcel Cadet $75/each
4 x 2017 Darnajou $90/each
1 x 2017 Demptos $90/each
1 x 2017 Orion $75/each
1 x 2017 Seguin Moreau U-Stave Hybrid $90/each
2 x 2017 Sylvain $90/each
1 x 2017 Taransaud $90/each
2 x 2018 Dargaud & Jaegle $120/each
5 x 2018 Darnajou $120/each
1 x 2018 Sylvain $120/each


1 x 2016 Boutes $75/each
2 x 2017 Claude Gillet $90/each
1 x 2017 Francois Frere $90/each
Contact Information
Jada Vineyard & Winery
Joshua Harp