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Once used barrels and older SOLD
Date Posted:
Tuesday, October 10th
Oak Type:
Wine Type:
Barrel Type:
Livermore, CA
Occasio Winery
The barrels were pressure washed with hot water, steamed, and rinsed after being emptied. The barrels were allowed to dry and then filled with sulfur gas. Prices are before tax.

Once Used French Oak, $160 each

Radoux Evolution M TH
Le Grand Rive Droite F24 TH (2 available)
Mercurey Special Toast

Twice used French Oak, $70 each

Le Grand F24 TH
Francois Freres M

Twice used American Oak, $65 each:

Canton M TH

Thrice used French Oak, $60 each:

Le Grand F24 TH
Marchive M (2 available)
Radoux M
Contact Information
Occasio Winery
David Hendrickson