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Stainless steel barrels - drums
Date Posted:
Thursday, April 15th
La Pocatiere, QC   Canada
Food grade accreditation
Barrel fully welded and without crevices in the bottom (seamless) for optimal preservation respecting the integrity and purity of stored products
Smooth and continuous interior allowing easy and efficient cleaning minimizing the risk of cross-contamination between different storage areas
High resistance to corrosion
Optimal mechanical properties because no internal coating
Multi re-uses
Production of oak-free wines also called “unoaked”
Substantial savings on drum cleaning and maintenance
An oak barrel with a shelf life before being characterized as a “neutral cask”, that is to say it does not transfer more flavor to the wine. We normally talk about 4 to 5 uses. A stainless steel barrel is reusable and will allow the winemaker to make significant savings over the years
Experimentation with limited volume productions
Compatible with most barrel holders available on the market
Laser marketing customization of your barrels
Stainless steel barrels - drums Stainless steel barrels - drums
Contact Information
Michael Robichaud