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Willamette Valley Custom Crush
Date Posted:
Friday, February 19th
Dallas, OR
Our winery is seeking custom crush clients for the upcoming 2021 vintage and beyond. Our production facility is equipped with every tool required to make world class wine and is ideally situated to make small to medium batch production volumes. Our dedicated staff want to help you make the best wine possible with the least amount of headache!

Available capacity: 160 tons red, 40 tons white/blush

Our facility offers the following:
•  Variable winemaking stage production plans - harvest only, harvest through aging, and harvest to bottle
•  White, blush, and red winemaking
•  Variable tank capacity plans - bin fermentations, hot and cold jacket controlled tank fermentations from 2.25 tons-10 tons
•  Tank, barrel, and egg fermentations for white wine
•  Hand, pulse air, or pump over cap manipulations
•  Lab analysis - Brix, pH, TA, malic acid, FSO2, heat stability, DO, DCO2, and alcohol.
•  Temperature and humidity controlled barrel room
•  Crossflow filtration
•  RO wine treatments
•  Winemaking consultation

Please contact us for more information and a tour of the facility.