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New Canning Services
Date Posted:
Tuesday, January 12th
Sebastopol, CA
Owl Ridge Wine Services
Owl Ridge is excited to announce we will be offering canning services starting February 2021. Schedule your canning date today!

- Multiple packaging options: 187ml, 250ml, 355ml & 375ml
- Sparkling wine capabilities
- Up to 55 cans per minute
- Up to 1,000 cases per day
- Minimal dissolved oxygen pickup
- Ability to label cans on line
- Counter pressure filler & single head seamer system
- Low-foam filling capabilities
- Widget can-ready (can adequately purge the widget before filling)
- Owl Ridge to supply dry goods if desired
- Completive rates
- Flexible scheduling
- In-house laboratory
- experienced, friendly staff
Contact Information
Owl Ridge Wine Services
Cory Walker