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Winery and Vineyard Fire Protection
Date Posted:
Monday, October 28th
Napa, CA
Napa Valley Barrels Inc
Is not just a Class A-B-wetting agent. Our product is certified NFPA 18, in extinguishing class A-B-type fires. GreenFire is the Only product that does it all, acting not only as a fire suppressant but also as a flame retardant.

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This product is USDA/ NSF
International FoodSafe
Listed for food protection areas and farms

GreenFire Eliminates the risk posed by powder extinguishers and fire retardants. It allows for the protection of cultivated lands without crop destruction by chemical contaminants.
Winery and Vineyard Fire Protection Winery and Vineyard Fire Protection
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Napa Valley Barrels Inc
Peter Dunsmuir