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ADA Guidance&Website Updates for WineDirect Users
Date Posted:
Monday, August 12th
Napa, CA
Side gig

Have your heard of fellow wineries receiving filings because their website is not compliant? Is your head spinning trying to grasp the concept of making your website ADA accessible? Trust me no one person can grasp this barely precedented and ambiguous concept.

How do you do it cost effectively? I recently sent many hours and weeks updating five of my company (day job) website's to be defensible and accessible.

We are low not hanging fruit anymore and I can do the majority of the work for you if you are using WineDirect during on my off hours. Having spent time with ADA lawyers, designers and developers, I would like to help be of assistance until some reasonable guidelines are given.

Bottomline, I see an opportunity to help. I would working with you to get your website defensible and on the right track as a side job. It doesn't take an immense amount of time if you know what you are doing.

Ive worked many years for WineDirect before a mutli branded Napa winery. I'm a very advanced user. I can be your cost effective solution to remove yourself from being low hanging fruit as a smaller winery. Larger wineries may contact me for insight and guidance as well.

Reply to this posting before you receive a filings. Law offices near you are coming (unfortunately like a tidal wave). I'm confident I'll be better than most people offering 'packages'.
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Side gig