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Have Grapes and Need Wine?  We will make it for U!
Date Posted:
Tuesday, May 7th
Murphys, CA
Twisted Oak Winery
Custom Crush, Brand development, Consulting, and Production Space available!

Do you need wine made? Are you someone with one to fifty tons of grapes that you would *much* prefer to see in a bottle and later consume over a cheese plate with good company? Yes?

You’re in luck! Twisted Oak winery in beautiful Calaveras County, CA (Vallecito if you want to be extra specific) has recently expanded our Custom Crush Capacity for 2019 and we’re looking for folks who need wine made but may not have a facility of their own.

Our team has decades of experience in custom crush and together have consulted with many of the top wineries throughout the Sierra Foothills, Central Coast and Napa Valley. Whether you’re looking for one specific part of the winemaking process or full bin-to-bottle service, we can help.

Harvest & Production
Whole cluster juicing
Pump-overs or Punchdowns (or both!) Small and large tank or bin
Tank storage only (you bring the juice, we pump/punch it)
Fermentation / Inoculation / Consultation

Storage / Monitoring / Winemaking (Everything between crush and bottle)
Bulk wine storage
Barrel storage
Cold/heat stabilization
Additions / Racking
Barrel / Keg Rental
Bulk wine receiving / transport / shipping
Laboratory work

Bottling / Shipment (You’re almost there!)
Full bottling service (Sparge, Fill, Cork, Capsule, Label)
Any partial steps above
Can be made at our winery or you can ship it to us.

The Big Picture (other stuff that doesn’t fit above)
Brand test a new concept wine
Winery startup consultation

Competitive Rates save $$$$
We will accept grapes from anywhere in California
Full Service or partial depending on your needs

We welcome folks of all experience levels to work with our team. If you already know which inoculations to use and your preferred bottling Ph, you’ve got it going on But if you’ve just wanted to make wine and are ready to get your feet (lips?) wet, get in touch and we’ll go over the process.

Rather than bore you with oodles of technical details on what makes our equipment state of the art, let’s get the conversation started and we’ll show you what we can do over a…. beer.( Or Vino )

For more information, email our winemaker, Ryan Teeter at or give him a call at 209-736-9080.
Have Grapes and Need Wine?  We will make it for U!
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Twisted Oak Winery
Ryan Teeter