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Distillation Services
Date Posted:
Monday, January 14th
American Canyon, CA
Loch & Union Distilling
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Here at Loch & Union Distilling in Napa Valley we have a truly state of the art distillation facility with the expertise to match. Since starting distilling early last year, we have won 17 industry awards including the 2018 California Gin Distillery of the Year at NY International Spirits Competition and were recently named one of the best spirit brands to enter the market in 2018 by Esquire Magazine. Our goal is to bring the same level of distilling excellence to the wine industry.

Our custom built German stills include a 1,350 gallon wash still, 900 gallon spirit still, and 900 gallon pot/column still, which allows us to do essentially any style of distillation you like from traditional cognac to clean, high-proof brandy from lees or off-spec wine. We also have a stellar team that crosses the wine/distillation divide including three masters degree graduates from Heriot-Watt University in Scotland, a former winemaker and a sommelier. See a brief list of what we can do below:

-Distilling wine/lees into high-proof brandy (pot/column distillation)
-Distilling wine into high quality brandy for aging (double pot or pot/column distillation)
-Buying bulk wine for distillation
-Selling high-proof brandy or aging brandy
-Consulting on distillation process/recipe development
-Other distilling projects such as whiskey, gin, rum, etc.

We can process virtually any quantity you throw at us from 900 gallons to 100,000+ gallons with minimal processing time and competitive pricing. If you’re interested we’d love to show you the facility and explain in detail exactly what we can do and what sets us apart.
Distillation Services Distillation Services
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Loch & Union Distilling
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