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Custom Crush Space in Sebastopol
Date Posted:
Tuesday, July 10th
Sebastopol, CA
Ektimo Vineyards / Ross Road Custom Crush
Ross Road Custom Crush in Sebastopol is welcoming clients for the 2018 harvest. We offer several production options depending on needs. Our cellar can accommodate clients with up to 100 tons. Lot sizes from 3 – 20 tons are preferred. Smaller lots will be considered. Onsite lab, crossflow filtration and bottling services are available, as are barrel, bulk wine and temperature-controlled casegoods storage. Our Puleo (Carlsen) crush pad is equipped with a 6-ton tank press, a 2-ton drain press, and destemmer/crusher with cluster sorting capability. We have 20-ton red fermenters, 4-ton open tops and plenty of T-Bins for fermentation, and various sizes of stainless steel tanks for white fermentations and storage. Please reply for more information and to schedule a tour of the winery.
Contact Information
Ektimo Vineyards / Ross Road Custom Crush
Lisa Bishop Forbes