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Glass, Corks, and Screw Caps
Date Posted:
Wednesday, June 13th
Diamond Springs, CA
Goldline Brands
We currently have screw cap flint glass for sale. 686 cases of standard screw Burgundy and 392 standard screw Bordeaux. I have a few boxes of screw capsules for sale, dark grey and red. We also have about 10 boxes of 6000 count unopened 2016 end branded composite cork.

2105#FL (Burg)-686c 12pack 750ml
5LK#FLT (Bdx)-392c 12pack 750ml
Price: $3.50 case obo

Screw Capsules
Color: Plain Anthracite
Liner: Saranex
Size: 30x60
Quantity: 8 boxes 1250 count
Price: $.04 each obo

Color: Plain Red
Liner: Guarnizione Saranex
Size: 30x60
Quantity: 3 boxes 1250 count
Price: $.04 each obo

Type: Micro Agglomerate 2016 end Branded
Quantity: 6000 Count Boxes (unopened) About 10 Boxes
Price: $.05 each obo

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Possibly open to trade.
Contact Information
Goldline Brands
Jacob Blevins