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Small lot boutique custom crush space available
Date Posted:
Tuesday, June 5th
Geyserville, CA
Zialena Winery
Zialena Winery has custom crush space available for 1 or 2 clients interested in making small lot premium pinot noir or other early ripening varietals. We have 10x 3-ton open top concrete fermenters, a Delta Oscillys destemmer, and a JLB 3-ton basket press. As a cab and zin producer, we are looking mostly for pinot noir clients, and can accommodate 3 to 30 tons total. We have a lab on site for all standard analysis and space for mobile bottling. Our services are all inclusive. Being a small winery, we will be able to provide the attention to detail that you are looking for. An AP is an option as well. Please contact Jesse for more information.
Contact Information
Zialena Winery
Jesse Giacomelli