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Mobile Cross-Flow Filtration – MP&C CF-3
Date Posted:
Sunday, April 15th
Woodinville, WA
NW Wine Filtration
MP& C Cross-Flow filtration at your winery, using specially designed membranes from Koch Membrane System for the best filtration of your wines.

With KMS cross-flow filtration of wine, you get:
- Bottle ready wines in a single pass
- Throughput: 360- 960 gallons/hours
- Pore diameter of 0.2 – 0.4 micron results in a 99.99% reduction of the yeast and bacteria
- Optimized process for better filtering quality
- Closed system, use of inert gas minimizes oxygen pickup
- New Generation of asymmetric membrane allows for better efficiency, with no organoleptic impact on quality- no stripping of color or flavor
- Low maximum working pressure (1.7 bar): low pressure means gentle handling of wine
- No Dilution “pushing” with water
- Little or no wine adsorption by media
- Average wine loss is less than 7 gallons total

Service Requirements
- Power: 240 Volt 3-phase
- Plug for dedicated receptacle
- Cold Water
- Inert gas (Nitrogen or Argon)
- Wine hoses to reach tanks

Wine Requirements
- Wine in tank racked off all fining agents, tartrate crystals and free of Arabic Gum
- Temperature 40oF – 70oF degrees
- Turbidity: less than 200 NTU
- Residual Sugar: less than 150g/liter
- No CO2, clarifying products, bentonite, seeds or pomace.
- 150 gallons minimum lot size

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NW Wine Filtration
Matthew Loso