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Solar is a Smart Business Decision
Date Posted:
Monday, November 13th
Redmond, WA
George H. Thomas
Solar Energy for Wineries and Vineyards

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Solar power offers many benefits to a business.

Businesses that use 200,000 kWh+/year, own their own buildings or have a long term lease can realize:

•  Lower and predictable utility operating costs.
•  Business Tax Credit, Accelerated MACRS Depreciation, State and Utility Incentives.
•  Reliable equipment with low maintenance costs.
•  Increased property value.
•  Solar panels demonstrate a commitment to the environment.

Solar power is a distributive power generation technology, distributive power is power generated at the point of consumption making it an excellent technology to reduce utility needs during peak hour electricity consumption.

To receive a free solar site design with payback schedule and 30 year energy savings report:
•  Provide a street address.
•  One year of utility bills with annual kWh usage and cost per kWh
•  The business should have a long term lease or business owned building for best financial return.

California | Oregon | Washington - 4 to 7 - year payback in utility savings. With additional savings over the 30-year life of the system. Financing available on many projects.

Washington State new solar production incentive of up to .11 cents kWh and up to $25,000 / year, speeds system repayment.

Act now, 2017 is the time for incentives, I can guide you through the process!

- 30% Federal Business Tax credit ( to 2020 )
- 50% MACRS Bonus Depreciation (Drops to 40% 2018)
- 25% USDA REAP Grant ( Agriculture and town < 30k )
- State and Utility incentives

Call 425.882.2196 or to sign up

California - System Payback < 5 years
Oregon - System Payback 4 - 6 years
Washington - System Payback 4 - 7 years

Contact: George H Thomas | 425.882.2196 | | schedule a call
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