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January 23, 2018 | 5:55 AM

Every year, when Wine Business Monthly creates our annual list of Hot Brands, we look for vintners, growers, wineries and wines that are making a statement in our industry. Quality is always an important consideration, but Hot Brands is more than a list of the “best” or most interesting wines we’ve tasted during the year.

When we set out to choose our Hot Brands, our goal is to always represent the American wine industry. Often, that means discovering a new winery in an established region while also paying homage to the stalwarts who continue to move the industry forward. It means we look at wineries in emerging states, that might be bucking a trend or trying new techniques. Our editors look for wines that are embodiments of national trends or have soaring sales. Sometimes we’ll choose the winemaker, not the wine.

Quite often, we end up with a couple of wines that were unexpected. During the search for a Pinot Noir, for example, we may discover a producer who is also making Tempranillo—and is doing such a good job of it, we adjust our plans to include it. We’re never quite sure how the list will turn out, but it’s a chance for us to explore new regions, varietals and winemakers.

In the end, this list is comprised of wines that we here at Wine Business Monthly would serve to winemakers. That’s exactly what we do, as representatives from each of these wineries were on-hand to serve their wines to winemakers, grape growers and industry members at our annual Bottle Bash party at the Unified Wine & Grape Symposium in January. Cheers!

Winery Sixteen 600
2016 Sixteen 600 Rosé Steel Plow Vineyard,
Sonoma, CA
Making Serious Rosé Fun

Rosé may be hot right now but don’t confuse Phil Coturri’s Steel Plow Vineyard Rosé of Grenache for a wine made to jump on the trend’s bandwagon.

Phil Coturri has spent a lifetime in wine. He made his first wine back in 1963 at the age of 11, making wine with his father. At 14, he and his father planted a vineyard, which still exists to this day. In 1979, they added a bonded winery that Coturri and his brother ran for around 30 years before philosophical differences over what wine should be helped him make the decision to start his own outfit. Winery Sixteen 600, based on Moon Mountain in Sonoma, California, is all about place: its name is quite literally its address.

The full story on Winery Sixteen 600 ~ and all our Hot Brands ~ will be available in our February 2018 issue of Wine Business Monthly. You can come by our booth (#1620) at Unified and pick up a copy or click here to subscribe to WBM.

Taste all the Hot Brands at our Annual Bottle Bash, the night before the Unified Symposium.
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