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June 5, 2014 | 10:59 AM

The June 2014 issue of Wine Business Monthly—now hitting mailboxes and also available online— features a "Checklist: Getting the Winery Ready to Receive Grapes" written by Curtis Phillips. This article is intended to help you prepare for harvest. From his article:

The time to start preparing for harvest is immediately after the previous one. I like to conduct a "post mortem" as soon after harvest as possible. Part of my usual routine is to go through the winery’s crush equipment and note anything that is broken or otherwise in need of replacement. This gives the winemaker as much time as possible to budget, and shop, for any new or replacement crush equipment. One doesn’t want to be panicking about the broken must pump and the torn press bladder discovered while cleaning the winery the day before receiving grapes.

I’ve put together a short checklist for getting a winery ready for harvest. I’ve found in my consulting business that I have to note when during the year particular items on the checklist are relevant. If I don’t, I have found that everything gets put off until the week, or in some cases, until the day before grapes are due to arrive at the scales.

To read the full article, click here to access the June issue.

Also to help you prepare for harvest is a Harvest Help section on If you are looking for help, or are looking to work harvest, check it out.


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