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December 11, 2013 | 1:55 PM

It sure has been cold in California lately! The weather happens to tie in well, though, with an article on frost we published in our December issue of Wine Business Monthly. In the article, writer Bill Pregler discusses active and passive methods for preventing frost in the vineyard. We got an email from Bill last week on Dec. 4 about the recent frosts we have been having:

For my pals who read my recent piece on frost protection, last night, tonight, and tomorrow are wonderful examples of the radiation frost. Winter cold air settles in, there is no wind, low humidity and bammo ... Go outside tonight, sit for 15 minutes and wonder how your bud break would be doing after three hours. If this happened next April the No. Cal wine industry would be in trouble!

Below, see a snippet from his article in the December issue:

Increasingly, people should be proactive and view frost protection as a form of risk assessment and management, which automatically translates into my favorite expression, “monitor and measure so you can manage.”

We will define the two most common types of frost then discuss how understanding air dynamics makes it easier to prevent damage. We will discuss both active and passive methods in mitigating frost and how older methods are giving way to newer technologies. To get started, we will discuss temperature, air flow, topography and katabatic wind.

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