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May 8, 2013 | 12:45 PM

Tim from Buenes Aires comments on Wines of Uruguay: Finally Ready?

After 5 years in Uruguay including running a summer wine tasting for visiting cruise ships, I very much like Uruguay wines. The wineries have significantly changed the character of the Tannats they produce and some of the whites are outstanding.

As far as export goes, there is a very large market to the north - Brazil - that does not yet drink much wine. Brazil is a natural market for Uruguay.

The wineries here are mostly small with production of 100,000 bottles of fine wine typical. Exporting to the U.S. is to a great extent too much of a pain for the small amount of wine that can be shipped. A few wineries have developed U.S. importers and you can find wines from Carlos Pizzorno on the east coast and the Pisano bodega in much of the U.S. Do not expect a flood of Tannat. Just not enough to go around.

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