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December 26, 2012 | 6:35 AM

In case you missed it, the Napa Valley Register editorial board is calling for Napa wine professionals to step up to the forefront of climate change. Read the full editorial.

Napa vintners and grapegrowers should be applauded for the environmentally friendly methods they have developed in the past decade to reduce carbon emissions. But Napa wine professionals should also help pioneer a new — and necessary — standard for environmental stewardship.

Everyone agrees vehicle traffic is the local environment’s biggest villain. Napa’s wine and tourism industries are the reason that traffic exists. Those industries must then be at least partially responsible for finding solutions to the problems created from those trips.

Every year, Napa wineries, hotels and restaurants shovel millions of dollars into marketing efforts designed to bring more people into the valley. Some of those funds should be diverted to assist the county in its task of radically changing the way people move from Point A to Point B in this county. Napa is known throughout the world as an agricultural trailblazer and should strengthen that reputation by stepping to the front of the climate change movement. 

More on the Napa County Climate Action Plan here.  

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