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June 6, 2012 | 7:30 AM

We received this news release this morning. This is an interesting way to generate some buzz and get one's story out there.

Sleepy Creek Vineyards creates wine industry’s first ever “sipcom”

Wine Country, USA - June 5, 2012 - The staff at Sleepy Creek Vineyards has created the first ever wine industry “sipcom” called Up The Creek. It is a comedy web series about a financially struggling winery and it’s dysfunctional staff. A sipcom is a shorter version of a sitcom (situation comedy), usually made funnier by the consumption of alcohol.

“The idea came out of boredom” said Joe Taylor, who owns the winery along with his wife Dawn. “Anyone who is in the “grape biz” knows that there’s not really that much work that needs to be done at a small vineyard and winery.” “We can’t just sit around and count our money ALL day.”

Taylor said the seed for a comedy web series was planted during his childhood. While watching his favorite TV show, Gilligan’s Island, he recalled thinking how the show would have been so much funnier if the Skipper had owned a winery instead of a boat. “After all,” said Taylor “there’s a lot of similarities between owning a winery and owning a boat”. “And I think of today’s wine industry as kind of Thurston Howell, the third’ish. We need to be more Mary Ann like” said Taylor.

The cast for Up The Creek is made up of award winning film makers, writers and actors. Unfortunately, Taylor does much of the camera work and editing himself. “The actors don’t really like how I systematically destroy their good work but free wine tends to shut mouths” he says.

You can see the first three episodes online at:

Hollywood producers and prospective winery buyers can contact Joe Taylor at: 

Sleepy Creek Vineyards
(217) 773-0330

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