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March 17, 2014 | 12:17 PM

A John Morgan from Lost River Winery in Washington responds to the blog post: TTB Ruling Clarifies Retailers May Bottle and Sell Refillable Wine Growlers

Actually, the Washington Bill awaiting Governor Inslee's signature would not allow retailers to fill growlers. The bill put forward by Family Wineries of Washington State, as originally proposed, would have done so (allowed growlers filling in taverns, wine and beer specialty shops, restaurants and breweries - everywhere beer can be sold in growlers - as well as in winery secondary tasting rooms). Unfortunately the Washington Wine Institute and California Wine Institute threatened to oppose the bill unless the scope was limited to winery secondary tasting rooms only.

Interestingly, neither the CWI or the WWI objected to a bill, also awaiting the Governor's signature, that would allow filling of cider growlers (wine under 7% alcohol made from apples or pears) all the places that beer growlers can be filled.

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