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America's Hispanics represent a huge potential wine market, if marketers hit the right notes - Wine Intelligence

Date: 11/25/13

The young and growing Hispanic population of the United States will become increasingly important to the wine industry over the next few decades, according to a new report published today by Wine Intelligence.

The ‘Hispanic Wine Drinkers in the US Wine Market’ report establishes, for the first time, the wine drinking behaviours and attitudes of America’s 50 million people of Hispanic origin, who yielded a combined total consumer spending power of USD 1.2 trillion in 2013 (source: AC Nielsen). The report also looks at how different generations of Hispanic immigrants to the USA are interacting with the wine category.

Among other insights, the report challenges the received wisdom that people of Mexican descent – the biggest single ethnic group within the Hispanic community In the USA – are just beer and tequila consumers. While these two drinks do play a strong role, wine is also a significant part of their drinks repertoire.

The report also notes that Hispanic adults are less likely to drink wine than non-Hispanics. However, this still means that more than half of the Hispanic adult population - 16 million American residents – are wine drinkers, and 2/3 of these (about 11 million) drink wine at least once a month. These Hispanic regular wine drinkers account for 12% of American regular wine drinkers.

Lulie Halstead, CEO of Wine Intelligence said: “Hispanic wine drinkers in the US have a strong social and cultural affinity for wine. The majority of 1st generation Hispanics arrive in America as wine drinkers, and our research shows that their wine preferences evolve as they spend more time here.

However the natural cultural advantage enjoyed by wine producing countries such as Chile, Argentina and Spain is quickly lost as Hispanics become more integrated into the American lifestyle, according to Halstead. “Second generation Hispanic wine drinkers quickly revert to countries such as Australia, seeming to lose the cultural affinity to certain countries that they once enjoyed,” she said.

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