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Lallemand Biologicals Approved for Organic Wine Production

Date: 06/01/10

Four more Lallemand products are now listed and comply with the OMRI Standards Manual and the OMRI Policy Manual, which are based on the requirements of the USDA National Organic Program Rule (7 CFR Part 205). The products approuved for OMRI listing are Fermaid O™, GoFerm®, Noblesse™ and Fortiferm®.

Go-Ferm®, a natural yeast stimulant to avoid sluggish and stuck fermentations. Go-Ferm® is specific inactivated yeast produced through a unique yeast biomass process fine-tuned to obtain high levels of certain essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids required for healthy yeast fermentations. It is used during yeast rehydration.

Fermaid O™ is a blend of inactivated yeast fractions rich in organic nitrogen. It does not contain added ammonium salts such as DAP. The importance of organic nitrogen from yeasts is well known as a highly efficient nutrient source for wine yeasts, especially when compared to inorganic nitrogen from DAP. In addition, Fermaid O™ consistently produces lower heat build-up during fermentation and lower levels of negative sulfur compounds compared with DAP.

Noblesse™ are inactivated yeast cells of a popular ICV selected yeast. It helps for sulfur compound prevention during fermentation and aging. NOBLESSE™ also helps modify and stabilize the wine’s colloidal balance, resulting in increased perception of ripe fruit and more intense structure, initial mouthfeel volume and rounded finish and stimulation of malolactic fermentation.

Fortiferm® protects and reinforces the yeasts during the rehydration. Naturally rich in sterols, it should be used during yeast rehydration to increase their strength and resistance to alcohol. It is especially recommended for more difficult fermentation conditions.

This OMRI approval is an important step for Lallemand as it provides organic winemakers with quality products. Those products join other OMRI listed products such as Opti-White®, Opti-Red® and Go-Ferm® Protect.

The Organic Materials Review Institute is a national non-profit organization in the United States that determines which input products are allowed for use in organic production and processing. OMRI-approved and -listed products may be used in operations certified “organic” under the USDA National Organic Program (

About Lallemand
Lallemand – a leading producer of wine yeast and bacteria, and their nutrients, and a distributor of oenological enzymes – is a privately owned Canadian corporation with divisions operating around the world. The Oenology Division, based in Toulouse, France, has a major focus on research and development, both in-house and in collaboration with renowned research institutes.


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