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Suntory Holdings Ltd. tried to cast aside any lingering doubts that its $13.6 billion acquisition of Beam Inc. is overpriced, saying it will successfully capitalize on the overseas brand recognition of the U.S. whiskey maker as it transforms into a global spirits player.


According to Parker, the events have been designed to engage wine lovers at multiple levels. Each city on the tour will have a two-part program with a selection of wines tailored to the city.


One of China's most respected sommeliers on the country's unquenchable thirst for fine wine


this is a press release in the form of a "feature story" from the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation


worldwide wine consumption is expected to grow almost 9 percent, to $182 billion, by 2016, with a large chunk of the demand coming from China


Vinexpo, a market research firm, lists China as the fifth largest wine-consuming nation in the world. And according to the Vinexpo - IWSR forecast, between 2012 and 2016 Chinese wine consumption will increase by 40% (or 858 million bottles)


The potential of the Indian wine market is such that international wine judges and foreign investors are starting to take note.


After my visit here, I believe that China may be more advanced now in using social media for marketing purposes than the U.S. Interestingly, when I asked her how they calculated return on investment for social media activities, she responded, "Social media builds brands people love, not driving sales so we don't calculate ROI."


A new Bloomberg video takes a look at the various methods of faking, from the most sophisticated, such as re-bottling with empty bottles, down to the painfully obvious, such as making up vineyards that don't even exist.


Fine wine brands shouldn't forget Japan and the UK for sales and image building, believes Opus One CEO David Pearson.


The thirst for Western luxury goods, including spirits, from the emerging world's middle class, has allowed brands like Rémy Martin, Chivas Regal, and Smirnoff to flourish in these markets.


A new report by France's National Center for Scientific Research finds that China is going to be producing a lot more of its own wine in the years to come-in fact, double the amount it's producing now, in only five years.


Viticultural conditions in China make fine wine production difficult and bulk wine production expensive, according to Li Demei, vice general secretary of the China Wine Association.


Shanghai is to become the next international wine hub and one of the most influential wine investment wine markets in the world, according to experts at a recent wine summit.


China will become the biggest wine producer within five years, according to The French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS).


While China is currently the world's fifth-largest producer of wine, Boris Petric, an anthropologist with the research body, estimates it will soon have the most land under vine and produce more wine than any other country.


Chinese company Joyvio of Legend Holdings has announced a strategic partnership with wine merchant JP Moueix, according to WineChina.


A delegation of 60 California wineries were exhibited in Wine Institute's California Pavilion at the first ProWine China 2013 Trade Fair at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre last week.


The world's oldest charity wine auction, held on behalf of a medieval hospital in the Burgundy region of France, raised a record 6.3 million euros ($8.5 million), boosted by bidding from China.


More than 1,000 exhibitors from 40 countries and regions, a new exhibitor record, took part in the HKTDC Hong Kong International Wine & Spirits Fair, which ran November 7-9 in Hong Kong. The fair also drew more than 20,000 visitors.

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