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  Daily News for Wednesday, February 19th
02/19/14 builds executive team with e-commerce veterans from Shutterfly, Williams-Sonoma
As CMO, Elarde will oversee marketing, corporate sales, product management, and user experience. In his role as VP of Engineering, Tatem will lead platform architecture, engineering design and development, and internet operations.
Yeast Market worth $3.6 Billion by 2018
The report "Yeast Market[by Type (Baker's, Brewer's, Wine, Feed, Bio-ethanol), Form (Dry, Instant, Fresh), Application (Food, Feed)] & Specialty Yeast ProductsMarket [by Type (Yeast Extract, Autolysate, ß-glucan, Other Derivatives) & Geography]- Global Trend & Forecast to 2018", defines and segments the Yeast Market with an analysis and forecast of value and volume for yeast and specialty yeast products.
Barrel Cooper Comparison & Tasting Featured at WiVi
Every winemaker would love the opportunity to taste their wine aged in 16 types of oak but few have the time or the resources to conduct such an experiment. At WiVi Central Coast 2014, winemakers can experience the next best thing by attending the Halter Ranch Barrel Cooper Comparison & Tasting session.
Local winemakers say crops may suffer in future season due to drought
Some winemakers in Santa Barbara County say their crops may suffer in future seasons if it doesn't rain soon
Greek Premium Wine Producer Domaine Porto Carras Launches New Marketing Program in California
The marketing program, supported in part by the European Union and the Greek government, will include market visits in San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento and Napa.
Seattle Food and Wine Experience Announces Results of First Annual Wine Awards
Brian Carter Cellars takes Best in Show and 150 other medals are awarded to wineries
How Margaret River winery Leeuwin Estate used a music concert to sell wine
When Margaret River vineyard owner Denis Horgan heard that the Chicago Symphony Orchestra had pulled out of playing at his vineyard's fledgling annual concert, he called legendary blind American soul singer Ray Charles.
VA: Bill to Promote Agriculture-Based Tourism Passes Through General Assembly
Both bills aim to do the same thing: allow agriculture- and forestry-based businesses - like tree, flower, nut, fruit or vegetable farms - to host agritourism events without being restricted by localities. The bill stipulates any agritourism activities must not create a "substantial impact on the health, safety, or general welfare of the public."
Wine Science Center Streamlines Budget
While the timeline has extended by a few months since the project was initially proposed, with completion slated for early 2015 rather than this fall as indicated in early reports, the budget is more than $3 million short of the original estimate of $26.2 million.
Q&A: Washington's Ecology director speaks on ag water quality
The Capital Press interviews Washington Department of Ecology Director Maia Bellon about the new water quality advisory group and her first year in office.
Workshop addresses deficit irrigation
University of California advisors will hold a workshop Feb. 27 in Tulare on how to irrigate citrus trees in a drought year.
Challenges, rewards of a 30-year wine grape vineyard
Achieving a successful 30-year-old California wine grape vineyard is possible with smart decision making which can reap financial rewards from longevity.
Pernod Ricard chief backs Chinese wine potential
Pernod Ricard's chief executive has talked up the potential of the firm's fledgling winemaking venture in China, as government austerity measures hit the firm's Cognac sales harder than expected.
TX: Exploding beer tank prompts $1m lawsuit
A Texan brewery is being sued by two residents who claim they were injured after a fermentation tank exploded while they were on a tour of its facility.
A Texas Winery Homecoming
Pheasant Ridge Winery, the historic West Texas estate that helped kick off a resurgence of the Lone Star State's wine industry in the 1970s, has been sold to Bingham Family Vineyards. The sale, for more than $650,000, includes 60 acres of vines, the winery and the tasting room.
Newcomer Vintners Shaking up Chilean Wine Scene
"This new generation is much more conscious about environmental problems and more committed to healthy, sustainable agriculture ... and also for the production of wines that have a stronger connection to the Earth."
The Top 5 Wine-Consuming Countries in the World Per Capita
The per capita wine consumption list proves that just because your country or municipality has a population smaller than most rural American towns, it doesn't mean that emptying your wine bottle is any less important.
America's Unquenchable Thirst for Wine and Exploration
The pleasure of discovery is what drives wine enthusiasts. Those of us who obsess over wine aren't just looking for something tasty; we're looking for an experience. This concept is firmly taking root in America's wine culture. And it belies the notion that Americans are intimidated by wine
COC growing in wine wisdom
Earlier this month COC added Zinfandel grape vines to the western slopes of its campus. The vines were donated to the college by Remo Belli Vineyards in Paso Robles and transplanted and installed by Steve Lemley and Nate Haspers of Pulchella Winery and tasting room in Newhall.
Dehlinger Winery: Passing the Torch
It's two of the couple's daughters (there are four children in total, all grown) who hold the key to the future of this artisan family winery: daughter Carmen, who has taken on sales and marketing from her mom; and Eva, assistant winemaker to her 67-year-old dad.
Ontario's Beer Cartel Paints Alberta Liquor Privatization as the Bogeyman
Unsurprisingly, liquor monopolists in other provinces criticize Alberta's liquor privatization. The latest critic is Ted Moroz, president of the Ontario-based The Beer Store, which has a near monopoly on private sector beer sales in the province.
Berry Bros to offer winemaking service
Fine wine merchant Berry Bros & Rudd has partnered with Bordeaux-based company Viniv to allow its clients to make their own barrels of Bordeaux.
Schumer asks US to help NY grape growers hurt by winter
Estimating wine production losses of up to $42.1 million, based on a 2004 deep freeze, Schumer said vineyard owners can't wait a few weeks or months to assess the full damage before applying for help to replace damaged vine trunks and buds.
Grape growers conference planned
The 4th Annual Grape Growers Conference will be held Tuesday at the Madison County Cooperative Extension Office in Marshall. The conference will include information on how to grow grapes, how to sell grapes, winemaking chemistry, how to make home-made wines and some of the many value-added products that can be made from grapes.
Worst winter since 2004 for Finger Lakes vineyards
The wine tastings go on as usual in the heated comfort of the tasting rooms at Lakewood Vineyards just north of Watkins Glen, but on the outside, vineyard manager Dave Stamp looks across the bleak February landscape along Seneca Lake and wonders what spring will reveal.
New Entry Belle Ambiance Targets Millennials With Wine Collection Debut
"Belle Ambiance is a new offering that resonates with the aspirational, yet economically-conscious Millennial audience who are continuing to drive the growth of the popular premium category," said Chris Indelicato, president and CEO, Delicato Family Vineyards. "Luxury packaging and quality in the bottle, coupled with an accessible price point, combine to deliver a memorable wine experience that is unmatched among the competition."
Arizona college offers associate degree in wine
Yavapai College's Verde Valley campus is the only place in the Southwest offering a two-year associate degree program in viticulture, the study of grapes, and enology, the study of wine.
New Law Helps Small, At-Home Distillers
On January 1, 2014, AB933 became law, making it legal for hard alcohol distillers to open tasting rooms. Since then new distillers are popping up all over California, looking for the opportunity to break it a market that until now, had been reserved only for the big guys. This has left a lot of people asking whether or not tasting liquor is the new wine tasting.
Wine blogger: Amanda Schuster, The Alcohol Professor
Last year, native New Yorker Amanda Schuster traded in a career as a high-profile wine and spirits buyer to become the editor-in-chief at The Alcohol Professor, a one-stop hot spot for wine, beer and spirits lovers.
The non-interventionists
We have long preferred a non-interventionist approach to winemaking. The style that is more common among European and smaller lot producers domestically and abroad focuses on letting the wines become what they are meant to become while at the same time recognizing that changes in approach are necessary, vintage to vintage and varietal to varietal.
Parker: 'Natural' Wine Will Be Exposed as 'Fraud'
Pouring further scorn on the "undefined scam called 'natural' or 'authentic' wine", he said it would be exposed as a fraud when one considered that "most serious wines have no additives".
Don't be conned when investing in fine wine
Investing in fine wine recently hit the headlines but The Wine Investment Fund thinks it was for the wrong reasons.
Berger: Pliny the Younger and our craft beer heritage
A decade ago, a consumer survey said beer had been surpassed as Americans' beverage of choice by wine.
SABMiller to develop beers for wine and spirits drinkers
SABMiller is developing beers to attract wine and spirits drinkers as it looks to counter similar innovation drives from rival brewers AB InBev and Heineken to introduce new beer styles.
The Wine Group Bolsters Upscale Stable With New Brand, Chloe Wine Collection
The Wine Group (TWG) is launching a new super-premium wine brand, Chloe Wine Collection, set to debut this spring. Chloe Wine Collection will include three wines-a Sonoma County Chardonnay, Valdadige DOC Pinot Grigio and North Coast California red blend called Red No. 249-all retailing at $16.99 a bottle. Developed by veteran winemaker Georgetta Dane, the Chloe Collection is presented in classic black-and-white packaging intended to underscore its upscale credentials.
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