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  Daily News for Monday, September 30th
SVB On Wine: Inventory Days Higher, Grape Prices Headed Lower

Figuring out how much added acreage to plant isn't an easy calculation - especially when imports, varietals, regulations, alternative uses and price points are factored in ...

Sonoma Valley Vintners and Growers Alliance Awarded USDA Specialty Crop Block Grant
... to increase wine consumer awareness of the high-quality wines from the Sonoma Valley region through a marketing campaign
Treasury Publishes 'Out Of Funding' Contingency Plans
Department-wide Lapse in Appropriations Contingency Plan Summary
American AgCredit looks to crop insurance for expansion
American AgCredit's recent acquisition of Petaluma-based Chris Maloney Crop Insurance Services represents a growing focus toward crop insurance in California, as the farm lender seeks to bolster its financial offerings to West Coast farmers.
From Sonoma Valley and Napa, Matt Dockstader's staff has expanded their half-marathons and expos to five other wine regions
His niche offers a few thousand discerning runners the chance to visit a wine-growing region, feast their eyes while racing through vineyards and then savor the tastes and congeniality of a post-run festival
Fruit Pest Getting Established in California
Brown marmorated stink bug, a threat to wine grapes and other crops, infests Sacramento.
Californians want water issues fixed but not enough to pay for it
Voters acknowledge serious water supply problems but balk when told the multibillion-dollar price tags to address them, poll finds.
Water Supplies Could Dampen U.S. Wine Production
Land scramble will intensify water shortages, conference told.
Mauricio González-Gordon: 1923-2013
The sherry industry is mourning the loss of Mauricio González-Gordon Diéz, who died on Friday, Sept. 27, aged 89.
Bordeaux Exports Stable But Chinese Market Weakens
Bordeaux has announced a drop in sales to China, though exports are still at their highest-ever level
Impact Databank's Ranking Of The Top 10 U.S. Spirits Marketers
After a half-decade characterized by titanic brand shifts, one of the worst economic downturns in U.S. history and a renaissance in the whisky category, the U.S. market's 10 largest spirits companies all displayed volume growth in 2012 for the second consecutive year.
How you pour your wine can affect how much you drink: study
New research shows that white wine drinkers have heavier pours, and people are more likely to overpour if they're drinking from a wider glass, or if they're holding the glass in their hand.
Tennessee: Wine-in-grocery-stores fight picks up steam
Liquor stores have won every fight so far. But they may not for much longer
Australia: Nothing to savour in wine festival says Blass
Wine maker Wolf Blass told the Advertiser he has been "very disappointed" with several aspects of the recent Savour Australia festival held in Adelaide
Big spenders take Disney Epcot International Food & Wine Festival to new level
If you think paying $90 admission to Epcot's International Food & Wine Festival, plus eating your way around the world at $8 a stop is a big-ticket day, you should meet Martha and Richard Solar.
Oregon: Rain dampens local outlook for 2013 wine
Vineyards scramble to make the most of a challenging year.
Liv-Ex 50 Wine Index Heads for Second Straight Quarterly Decline
The Liv-ex Fine Wine 50 Index is heading for its second consecutive quarterly decline after price gains in the first 10 weeks of this year and in late August lost momentum amid lack of demand for the 2012 vintage.
Program readies Arizona students for careers making wine
program offers certificates in viticulture, focusing on the science, production and study of grapes; and in enology
The power couple of Washington wine
Jessica Munnell and Juan Muñoz-Oca, combined, make more wine than anyone else in the state
Temecula: Equestrians seek trail fix through winery plan
Up to three times a day, Green Acres Ranch activities coordinator Colleen Julian leads a small group on horseback through a 75-minute, 3-mile trail ride in Temecula Valley Wine Country.
Lodi's Mediterranean identity reflected by huge diversity of grapes
Harvest is a great time of year for photographing wine grapes, which become the most identifiable by their colors, shapes and overall morphology during that fleeting window just before they are picked.
Michael Honig: Napa's wine industry impacts us all
Wine industry and related businesses create 46,000 local jobs.
France: Organic Wine Growers Fear Grape Glut
The organic wine sector is taking off, but could it become a victim of its own success?
Dan Walters: Big California water conflict coming in 2014
There is simply nothing more important to California's future than an adequate and dependable supply of clean water.
Napa: $17,000 in vineyard equipment reported stolen
A manager for a vineyard management company on Thursday reported the theft of $17,000 worth of equipment from two separate locations the night before, according to the Napa County Sheriff's Office.
Study indicates BC wine tourism in Okanagan Valley generates $139 million
The 33rd annual Okanagan Fall Wine Festival begins Thursday in British Columbia, and a recent study indicates wine-related tourism in the Okanagan Valley generates $139 million annually to the region's economy.
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