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University grapes help make Minnesota wineries possible
This past weekend, the Minnesota Grape Growers Association held its Annual Grape and Wine Conference, where the public could taste Minnesota wines.
Nebraska Grape and Winery Board seeks grant proposals
The Nebraska Grape and Winery Board is seeking grant proposals from individual growers, farm wineries, organizations, industry groups or academic institutions that aim to assist in the betterment of Nebraska's grape and wine industry. The board's goal is to fund meaningful projects that have the highest likelihood of significant, positive impact on grape and wine production in Nebraska.
U Of M Touts Econ. Impact Of "Cold-Hardy" Wine Grapes
Details about the economic impact of "cold-hardy" wine grapes were released in conjunction with the Minnesota Grape Growers Association's 10th Annual Cold-Climate Grape and Wine Conference, which was held over the weekend at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in St. Paul.
Mail-order wine receives South Dakota Senate approval
A bill that would establish a licensing system to allow in-state and out-of-state wineries to send their products by mail passed the Senate on Monday. SB114 almost died in committee earlier this month, but after making it to the Senate floor it passed by a comfortable 23-11 margin.
South Dakota: Senate delivers wine-shipping bill to House
Senators voted 23-11 in favor. SB 114 now goes to the House of Representatives. Brown said the governor supports its passage.
Minn. wineries teaming up with hotels and restaurants to promote California-style tours
The Minnesota Grape Growers Association is holding its annual Cold Climate Conference this weekend in St. Paul. Members there said they're just beginning to touch on ways to draw more tourists to the area, the St. Paul Pioneer Press reported
Minnesota's wineries thriving amid cold and snow
Minnesota is now home to so many licensed wineries -- 43 at last count -- that regional clusters are banding together to increase their tourism appeal. And industry leaders see room for more growth, as public demand for tasty wines and interesting destinations remains strong.
South Dakota Senate delivers wine-shipping bill to House
The bill seemed dead earlier when the Senate Commerce and Energy Committee twice wasn't able to get a majority to endorse it
Report: Minn. grapes help cold-climate wine industry pump over $400 million into US economy
The University of Minnesota-Extension report says cold-hardy grapes developed by the school and private breeders have generated a vibrant farm winery industry, pumping $401 million into the U.S. economy in 2011. And it says the industry has created 12,600 jobs in northern states.
Minn. grape varieties fuel northern wine industry
As the Minnesota Grape Growers Association gathers in St. Paul this weekend, a new report shows how far northern winemakers have come.
Kansas businesses split on expanded liquor sales
Proposal to allow grocery store sales has come up for years
Report: No beer, wine problems at Minn. stadium
The report shows that the number of alcohol-related incidents at the football stadium was lower in 2013 than 2010 - two years before alcohol sales began.
Kansas home brewers could soon legally share beer, wine
Kansas House members approved a bill that eases restrictions on home brewing with a 111-7 vote, sending the measure to the Senate. The bill allows brewers to share as long as they do not sell their brew for profit.
South Dakota: Wine by mail passes first legislative hurdle
A bill that would make it legal for South Dakotans to order wine by mail cleared its first hurdle on Tuesday. Barely. Senate Bill 114 establishes a licensing system through which in and out-of-state wineries can legally send residents wine by mail. South Dakota is one of 10 states that do not allow direct shipping of wine, according to the Wine Institute. The bill deadlocked on a 3-3 vote in the Senate Commerce Committee with one senator, Dan Lederman, excused. The committee then voted 4-2 to send it to the Senate floor without a recommendation.
Charleston Winery Works To Offer First Organic Arkansas Wines
Organic wineries are rare in the United States, and even more rare in Arkansas. John Trickett of Circle T Winery & Vineyards is working to become the first in the state. - See more at:
Bill proposes hard liquor sales in Kansas grocery, convenience stores
A new bill introduced in the Kansas House of Representatives would put customer choice at the forefront, allowing grocery and convenience stores to carry hard liquor
Commission reduces fees to get winery up to code
Local winery owners will soon have the chance to wrap up their Planning and Zoning case and be completely up to code
Municipal liquor profits rise, helping cities' bottom lines
Metro-area outlets had good profits in 2012 despite pressure from private competitors at nearby stores.
Drink up, Colorado: Bill could do away with 'last call'
an attempt to curb trouble that results when bars empty all at once after the 2 a.m. last call. Denver's Lower Downtown, with a high density of bars and restaurants, is a particular trouble area
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