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Arizona Stronghold Vineyards Promotes Michael Pierce to Winemaker
Michael will take over all winemaking and custom crush responsibilities which include client relationships, scheduling, bottling, production material/facility planning, and market support.
The Unsettling Truth About Go Texan Wine
Some weeks ago I wrote about a wine carrying the familiar "Go Texan" mark of the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) that was made mainly (85 percent, as it happened) of non-Texas grapes.
Grape harvest report from New Mexico and Texas
New Mexico sees record harvest.
Texas wine profiles: Winemakers
During Texas Wine Month in October, I'm profiling some Texans you can expect to see more of in the future ...
Liquor lobby partnering with Texas Rangers to make Arlington wet
Team officials said they started and funded the petition drive.
Gains and losses among Texas wineries
This past weekend saw the closing of Retreat Hill Winery near White Hall, Texas. Billy Cox served his last customer, Helen Nix, at 5:19 p.m. Sunday. Another Texas winemaker, Eric Love with Texas Star Winery near Richards is winding down his winery operations.
Gains and losses among Texas wineries
This past weekend saw the closing of Retreat Hill Winery near White Hall, Texas. Billy Cox served his last customer, Helen Nix, at 5:19 p.m. Sunday. I wish this Aggie engineer "good voyages" as he continues with his run through life.
Utah lawmakers hear pitch for alcohol tax increase
When taxes on alcohol go up, consumption and related health and economic problems go down, a Maryland researcher told Utah lawmakers during a presentation on Wednesday.
Texas Winery on the Auction Block
5,000-case producer Pheasant Ridge Winery to be sold Nov. 6
Take That! Texas Winery 'Bending Branch' Wins Double Gold At America's Toughest Wine Competition
Bending Branch ranked above a host of more familiar names from California, as well as wines from as far away as Australia ...
Through the Grapevine: Ten tempting Texas wines to try
One of the questions I'm repeatedly asked is, "Which Texas wines should I drink?" ...
Glazer's completes $30 million distribution center in San Antonio
The new distribution center spans over 518,000 square feet of space and rests on 45 acres of property. It is the company's largest facility. It will become Glazer's third major hub in Texas after Dallas and Houston.
Fight Over Genetically Altered Crops Flares in Hawaii
Over the last decade, the state has become a hub for the development of genetically engineered corn and other crops that are sold to farmers around the globe. Monsanto and other seed companies have moved here en masse, and corn now sprouts on thousands of acres where sugar or pineapples once grew.
Wine industry planting for the future
At some point, it happens to every growth industry: the generation responsible for the boom hits retirement. Then what?
Program readies Arizona students for careers making wine
program offers certificates in viticulture, focusing on the science, production and study of grapes; and in enology
October designated Texas Wine Month
The Texas Department of Agriculture has designated October as Texas Wine Month.
AZ: Elgin, Tombstone hosting wine festivals
The state's longest running wine festival is helping to launch the state's newest festival. The Village of Elgin Winery will hold its 31st Harvesting of the Vine Festival this weekend. In November the winery will help Tombstone Wine Works host its inaugural Tombstone Festival of the Vine.
Excellent year for Arizona wine grape growers
Arizona wine grape grower Kent Callahan and other growers report a great crop this year despite weather challenges
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