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Beer, wine and liquor would all be sold in the same store under new proposal to privatize Pa. booze sales
Unlike other partial privatization plans -- such as Senate Majority Leader Dominic Pileggi's proposal to sell wine in grocery stores -- the coalition said this wouldn't devalue the state store system over time, or continue to pit the interests of various alcohol manufactures and sellers against one another.
Beer, wine and liquor would all be sold in the same store under new proposal to privatize Pa. booze sales
In a letter to state Senators last week, the coalition said its proposal is the most friendly to consumers and businesses, since it's crafted by the very businesses that want to move into the beer, wine and spirits game, that would have to meet customer needs to recoup their investment
Are fracking and winemaking compatible?
"The dangers of fracking are becoming increasingly well-known as study after study shows how it contaminates water - a critical resource for our industries. Fracking would jeopardize the safety of the water we rely on for producing our wine - the same water relied upon by the beer industry and other farm-based beverage industries," the piece reads.
Mercer's had to change state law to sell wine ice cream in New York
It was surprisingly easy to put cherry merlot ice cream on dry ice and ship it to places like Japan and Malaysia from Mercer's Dairy in Boonville, New York
Liquor Authority eases regulations for beverage producers
The state Liquor Authority will simplify distilling manufacturing licenses, raise production limits, modernize shipping laws and lower licensing fees for craft manufacturers, all issues pushed for at the summit by beer, wine, spirits and cider producers
New York vintners hope to cork wine glut
At the second New York State Wine, Beer, Spirits and Cider Summit last week, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced he is dedicating $6 million to marketing the state's producers of wine and other fine adult beverages
Grape researcher weighs winter freeze damage
In less than 24 hours on Jan. 6, Erie experienced a 57-degree temperature drop that saw the temperature fall from 48 degrees to minus 9 degrees, according to the National Weather Service in Cleveland
Beer, wine, cider industry focus of N.Y. summit
New York's alcoholic beverage industry employed 85,000 people and the combination of manufacturing, agriculture, distribution and retail had an economic impact of $27 billion in 2012, according to the National Beer Wholesalers Association and New York Wine and Grape Foundation.
Diageo welcomes senate bill for alcohol marketing in Maine
British drinks major Diageo has welcomed Senate Bill LD704, which will allow beer, wine and spirits companies to use different modern methods to engage with and offer promotional pricing to consumers of legal drinking age.
Wine, beer growth highlighted at NY summit
Gov. Andrew Cuomo is hosting a second beer, wine, spirits and cider summit Tuesday as a way to boost the growing industry in New York.After reforming New York's laws, the number of farm-based beverage licenses for distilleries, wineries, breweries and cideries has risen 72 percent since 2011, Cuomo announced late last year.
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Long Island Wine: Agritourism isn't the Whole Story February 20th Call it agri-tourism or agri-tainment (or maybe you think those are different things), activities-other-than-wine tasting have firmly entrenched themselves into the Long Island wine country experience. Tactics once employed by only a small handful of mediocre producers are being employed even by some of the region’s best now.