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MI: Fall is turning out to be a great season for grape harvesters in Jackson County
The quality, not the quantity, is the main goal for the grapes harvested at Jackson-area wineries, which are experiencing a great harvesting season due to the mostly dry and warm fall weather.
3 E. coli infections linked; all visited Huber's winery
the common denominator is that all three infected individuals - two from Louisville and one from Indiana
Cleveland-based Lina Wines looks to put a unique, fruit-flavored spin on sweet varietals
Following in the steps of the Conway Brothers at Great Lakes Brewing Company and Tom Lix at Cleveland Whiskey, Lina Wines was founded to fill a niche that the partners discovered: no one had a whole line of fruit-flavor-fortified wines locally. They set out to gear theirs toward Northeast Ohio's sweet wine palates.
Evanston City Council postpones vote on Starbucks' liquor license
This would allow the coffee shop to serve beer and wine during evening hours.
Jackson-area winery could shut down in 30 days after officials vote to revoke permit
A winery in Rives Township could shut down in 30 days after the owner and township officials could not come to a final agreement about how the winery conducts its business
MI: New winery to open in Alanson
Thanks to the development of new grape hybrids amenable to colder climates, Michigan's Tip of the Mitt region has seen a mini boom of vineyards.
MI: Jackson-area winery could shut down in 30 days after officials vote to revoke permit
This comes months after officials said Lizarralde violated his conditional use permit by entertaining guests in the hangar of his home. Lizarralde said he had no choice since he had not been granted a building permit to expand his tasting room.
Wine Discount Center changing its name
The Wine Discount Center chain of stores is getting a new name Oct. 15, a change owner Peter Schwarzbach hopes will better reflect the range and qualilty of the bottles sold.
IL: Recent drought makes fine wines for Lake County winery
The past two summers' lack of consistent rain forced vines to dig deeper roots to find water, and Phillips said the extra work and lowered water volume leads to heavily concentrated flavor in the fruit. T
Illinois' newest winery opens in New Berlin
Danenberger Family Vineyards is part of a centennial farm.
S. Ind. winery turning to the sun for power
Sunlight's not exactly powering fermentation, but a winery in Owen County is installing solar panels that it hopes will offset more than 65 percent of its annual electricity use.
S. Ind. winery turning to the sun for power
Workers are installing 34 solar photovoltaic panels on the roof of a barn that's adjacent to the Owen Valley Winery's tasting room just south of the town of Spencer
WI: Clover Meadow on the frontier of state's organic wine industry
Alexia Gannon, who describes herself as Clover Meadow's "chief wrangling officer," says that as far as she knows it's the only certified organic winery in the Midwest.
Cool summer to benefit Indiana grapes, future wines
This summer's mild temperatures and modest rainfall have been good for Indiana's wine grapes, which could lead to more flavorful, aromatic wines, said members of the Purdue Wine Grape Team.
MI: Wineries thrive in the Upper Peninsula
The Upper Peninsula of Michigan may not be a destination for wine tasting like the fabled Leelanau Peninsula. However, the U.P. does have a lot to offer, whether it's outdoor recreation, fall color tours or craft beer.
Press Release: Purdue online series is guide to Indiana grapes and wines
A Purdue University online series that began Tuesday (Sept. 10) gives consumers an up-close look at Indiana wines and shows them what goes into taking the grapes from vine to bottle.
Wisconsin grape growers fear threat of herbicide drift - See more at:
Grape farmers in Wisconsin are facing a growing threat, and in many cases it is coming from their own neighbors.
Wine trail to start in Macomb County
Tom Gray, a businessman and community booster, is working to form a new wine trail - a new concept for Southeast Michigan, but one that's been successful in other parts of the state.
IN: Dry weather benefits wine quality
With a mild summer and minimal rainfall, grapes in Indiana are thriving with the ideal weather conditions. Purdue Viticulture Specialist, Bruce Bordelon, said the near perfect weather improves the quality of grapes for winemaking.
Michigan winemakers say this year's grape crop thriving
It's the countdown to harvest time and this grower can hardly wait.
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