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Grapevine Trunk Disease Overview and Control
Mar 12
Gilroy, CA
Registration Deadline: Mar 11, 2014
Event Type: Webinar
Description: Fungal and bacterial pathogens are biologically diverse and pose a serious threat to the vineyard's overall health. Some vineyards might be infected with pathogens but show no symptoms until adverse environmental conditions compromise the plant's defense mechanisms, ultimately triggering disease progression. Proper identification of the disease-causing agents will allow the reduction of trunk disease incidence in vineyards.

In this webinar, we will provide a detailed description of causal agents and document symptoms from different trunk diseases to help you recognize them and develop appropriate control strategies.

Space is limited.
Event Organizer: Eurofins STA Laboratories
Location: Gilroy, CA
Time: 10 am
Cost: Free
Available languages: English