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Chain Sales/Account Executive

Classic Wines of California

Ceres, CA

Job Description:

The chain sales/account executive's main responsibilities are to sell programs at the headquarters level of chain stores, establish and maintain rapport with our customers and aid in the development and leadership of chain merchandisers.

1. Sell programs at headquarter level to chain accounts.
2. Manage chain accounts at headquarters, Field Sales Manager and Store Levels.
3. Train, manage, educate and lead chain merchandisers.
4. Communicate all pertinent information to chain division.
5. Maintain proper communication with Classic Wines of California management.
6. Any other duties assigned by supervisor
7. Advise senior management of areas where the company can save money and/or promote company efficiencies.
8. Keep assigned salespeople advised of sales trends, promotions, special pricing, etc.
9. Advise senior management of all problems and opportunities and recommend solutions.

1. All employees must be trained and familiar with Bronco Wine Company’s Injury and Illness Prevention Program.
2. Report any accidents and any unsafe conditions to your supervisor immediately.
3. Comply with all General Work Safety Rules pursuant to Bronco Wine Company’s Injury and Illness Prevention Program, section 7.3.
4. Personal Protective Equipment Required: Side shield safety glasses and approved footwear when in production facility.
5. Specific Safety Knowledge Required: Proper lifting techniques, safe driving practices.
6. Physical Ability Required: Ability to lift 45 lbs. frequently.

1. Calculator (all functions)
2. Cell Phone / PDA
3. Computer (laptop or desktop)
4. Microsoft Word and Excel programs
1. Territory Sales Merchandisers.
Knowledge of:
1. Supervisory Techniques
2. Wine making/Production, Viticulture techniques
3. Wholesale Distribution Systems and Marketing concepts.
Skills in:
1. Sales Training
2. People Skills (Communication and understanding human behavior.)
3. Leadership
4. Negotiating
Ability to:
1. Interact with and effectively supervise different people.
2. Make sound decisions regarding sales and personnel.
3. Work independently and effectively in assigned area.

Additional Information:

Job Posted:
Thursday, September 4th
Type of Work:
Full Time
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