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ETS Laboratories

Saint Helena, CA

Job Description:


ETS is the leading analytical laboratory serving the wine industry with a client base that includes wineries across the globe and throughout the world. Located in the heart of the Napa Valley in St. Helena, we provide wineries and suppliers access to the technically advanced analytical methods that are vital to modern winemaking.

ETS Laboratories provides a comprehensive range of analytical services designed to address industry needs in vineyard management, crush, fermentation, aging, bottling and compliance. In addition to standard wine analyses, our research has led to the development of proprietary methodologies for the determination of a range of wine-related parameters.

Our international internship program offers a unique opportunity to learn new job skills working with a diverse staff from across the globe. Our staff and interns have hailed from Mexico, Brazil, Portugal, South Korea, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, France, Germany, Australia, India, Morocco, China, and Turkey. Our 2014 intern class will be selected from abroad as well as the USA.

ETS Laboratories uses analytical techniques in our daily operations ranging from simple wet chemistries through automated enzymatic and colorimetric analyses to gas & liquid chromatography. We have also implemented new and advanced microbiological techniques such as ETS Laboratories’ Real-time Scorpions™ (Genetic detection methods) for identifying native, production, and spoilage organisms.

The ETS internship program offers the trainee a valuable opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the laboratory analysis of wine. Through immersion in a functioning laboratory environment, the trainee will learn and refine analytical skills while making a positive contribution to the overall functioning of the lab.

Interns will learn to manage their daily analytical tasks to ensure that all results are reported on time every time. As the trainees demonstrate proficiency in the initial assigned methods, they will have the opportunity to learn other methods.

After mastering basic lab skills, microbiology focused interns will receive additional training in the traditional microbiology analyses offered by ETS, followed by instruction in manual and robotic sample preparation, instrument operation, and genetic analysis using ETS Laboratories’ Real-time Scorpions™.

- One year Internship Program commitment
- Non Smokers Only due to sensory analyses requirements
- No prior wine knowledge or winery experience is required
- Good understanding and working knowledge of good laboratory practices
- Good understanding and working knowledge of fundamental chemistry and microbiology concepts
- Good understanding and working knowledge of instrumentation operating principles
- Ability to work within a structured lab environment adhering to QC protocols
- Ability to work and flourish in fast paced ISO/IEC 10725:2005 environment
- Ability to work as part of an analytical team
- Flexible work schedule, especially during peak analytical seasons
- Ability to perform analyses following standard SOP’s
- Documentation of analytical results - Maintaining traceability
- Instrument troubleshooting and maintenance
- Keeping the laboratory environment organized, safe, and tidy
- Adherence to strict confidentiality of the company's and clients’ intellectual property

Additional Information:

Job Posted:
Monday, July 14th
Type of Work:
Student Internship


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ETS Laboratories