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Tuna Fisherman Wanted Royal Polaris
Date Posted:
Wednesday, July 9th
Fairfield, CA
Encore Glass
Ocean Deep Sea 3 Day Fishing Trip out of San Diego September 10th - 13th. The boat is the Royal Polaris (current conditions for daily fish catch).
This is a Wine Industry group of winemakers, suppliers, owners and anyone who enjoys ocean fishing. It's a fantastic trip (our 5th) with people bringing wine, cider and anything else they like to drink. Just pay for your trip ticket or sponsor a customer. Currently we have 10 open spots.
Weather and fishing conditions this year out of San Diego into Mexican waters are outstanding. Tuna, Dorado, Yellowtail and the possibility of Wahoo if the water keeps getting hotter.
Right now, SD water temperature is 73 degrees and rising.
Just contact Dan Mansir for details at 805 234 5948 cell.
Contact Information
Encore Glass
Dan Mansir
PH: 805 234 5948